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Camion Remorque Révan has now become an authorized service centre for Manac semitrailer manufacturer. We are authorized to perform repairs under warranty, with original parts, for this important North American trailer manufacturer.


Manac Semitrailers

Manac is the most important manufacturer of custom-built and specialty semitrailers in North America to offer such a large range of products. Indeed, Manac builds all types of flatbeds, vans, lowbeds, forestry semitrailers and specialized-use semitrailers.


Revan est aussi fier distributeur de plusieurs autres grande marque telles que:



E-Cargo’s mechanical tarp systems are well known for their water tightness, the toughness of their anchoring hooks and for being easy and quick to operate. Versatile, they are built for any type of bulk transportation




Hallco Industries, Inc. designs and manufactures a full line of bulk materials handling solutions for trucks, trailers and stationary conveyor/bin systems.


As a supplier Hyva offers a wide range of technical products and components, mainly used in connection with hydraulic loading and unloading systems on trucks and trailers for the road transportation industry in on- and off-road applications



Chameleon is engaged in continuous in-house engineering and development of innovative rolling tarps for transport and industrial retractable enclosure solutions




SAF-HOLLAND is a leading global commercial vehicle supplier and the largest independent listed manufacturer of chassis-related systems and components for trailers and semi-trailers as well as for trucks and buses in Europe, ranks among the market leaders in North America and is present in most of the world’s markets.


dhollandiaEuropean manufacturer N° 1 of tail lifts, with production of more than 49.000 units per year, and more than 450.000 units sold since 1968. Unparalleled product range with lift capacities ranging from 150 to 16,000kg.