Camion Remorque Révan
is approved by Société d'assurance automobile du Québec (SAAQ) to certify customers under the Programme d'entretien préventif (P.E.P.). This program is a viable alternative to the compulsory SAAQ annual vehicle inspection, and we highly recommend it.

Customers who choose to enroll in the P.E.P., and place their vehicles on one of Camion Remorque Révan's service programs, receive "P.E.P. Certified" status.

When you adhere to this preventive maintenance program, your vehicles are exempted from the obligatory SAAQ annual inspection, and the annual inspection fee is waived.

The staff at Camion Remorque Révan takes care of all paperwork required to achieve the "P.E.P. Certified" status for our customers. The P.E.P. preventive maintenance program is the best way to make sure that your heavy vehicles are safe for both your drivers and other road users.

P.E.P. requires regular inspections where our mechanics will check the different components of your vehicles. The mechanics perform any adjustment, repair, lubrication or replacement required. This program ensures that your vehicles are maintained in good working condition, which helps avoid major failures, breakdown risks, extended downtime, late deliveries, as well as service, repair and operation costs.

Camion Remorque Révan also plans quarterly minimum preventive maintenance schedule with customers. We follow up on any required repair for your vehicles, and we make sure that they comply fully with safety requirements, providing complete paperwork for each vehicle.