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Camion Remorque Révan's Mission

To guarantee that customers' fleet and related equipment will be available for all their operations and, therefore, to ensure that all equipment is in good working condition at all times, for optimal use, and this, at a reasonable cost.

Our Objectives

  • Ensure quality of service and customer satisfaction.
  • Develop the best possible business relationship while providing competitively priced services, by efficient and cost-effective use of available resources.
  • Keep on top of new technology in order to foster and promote the use of equipment that can boost productivity.


Camion Remorque Révan
has the expertise and its employees' skill and commitment to be the best performing organization in fleet management.

Camion Remorque Révan makes sure that its customers get quality products and services at a competitive price, and that equipment (trucks and trailers) can be used to the full.

We strongly support the improvement of our present work methods and the introduction of new ones to ensure outstanding service quality. This quest will mean, among others, maximizing efficiency of all resources.